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   Atractylodis Rhizoma [2](蒼朮A)
Chinese Name蒼朮A
Common NameAtractylodes rhizome
Botanical ResourcesAtractylodes japonica Koidz. (Compositae)
Indications Beriberi(脚氣) ,Cholera, Acute gastric cramp(霍亂) ,Nausea(嘔逆) ,Cold type dysentery(冷痢) ,Leukorrhea(帶下) ,Abdominal distension(腹脹) ,Anorexia nervosa(不思食) ,Fatigueness(四肢倦怠) ,Damp phlegm, Lung tuberculosis(濕痰) ,Ascites(水脹) ,Epidemic febrile disease(溫病) ,Thrombosis, Blood stasis(瘀血) ,Night blindness, Nyctalopia(雀目) ,Hemorrhoid(腸風) ,Stranguria, Benign prostatic hypertrophy(BPH), Prostatism(淋瀝) ,Glaucoma(靑盲) ,Common cold(風寒感冒) ,Malaria(瘧疾) ,Fever and chill(寒熱)
Target Organsspleen, stomach
Propertybitter and acrid, warm
Pretreatment scorched Atractylodes root ,parched Atractylodes root ,parched Atractylodes root with soil
Official compendiaKorean Pharmacopoeia
  • Atractylenolide I
  • Atractylenolide II
  • Atractylenolide III
  • Atractylodin
  • Atractylon
  • 3-beta-Acetoxyatractylon
  • 1,4-Diacetoxytetradeca-6,12-diene-8,10-diyne
  • (6E,12E)-Tetradecadiene-8,10-diyne-1,3-diol diacetate>
  • 1(5),11-Guaiadiene
  • 3-Hydroxyatractylon
  • Selina-4(14),7(11)-diene-8-one
  • Tetradeca-4-trans-6-trans-12-trans-triene-8,10-diyne-1,3-diol diacetate
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