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  TradiMed database, based on various Chinese and Korean medical classics, is the combining result of the traditional medicine and the modern science, which promotes understanding of traditional medical treatments from the point of view of the modern science, and complements for new product developments.
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Herbal Taxonomy and Miscellaneous. -- (pay-per-view 10 unit )
  Total of 3,199 herbal information with image(s), symptom(s), efficacy, target organ(s), property, and safety measure can be searched by names. In addition, there are 2,944 classifications on animals and herbs.
Formulae -- (pay-per-view 10 unit )
  Total of 11,810 treatments from 17 classics with details such as target organ(s), symptom(s), efficacy, preparation, usage, caution, reference, and dosage can be retrieved. How to naming Formula?[click]
Constituents(chemical information with spectrum analysis data)
-- (pay-per-view 100 unit )
  Total of about 20,012 constituents from raw materials can be viewed with chemical information, analytic spectrum(UV, NMR, IR, Mass), and possible cross-reference.
  In addition, MOL files with data structs can be downloaded at US $ 35(3,500 unit) for easy re-structuring. More [click]
Symptom / Disease(cross-reference between the Eastern and the Western medicines)
-- (pay-per-view 10 unit )
  Total of 4,080 traditional diseases are referenced into the modern disease classification with titles and symptoms.
Safty Information
  Information on modern Safety analysis is collected from Herbs (pay-per-view 10 unit ) and Constituents (pay-per-view 100 unit ).
Processing -- (pay-per-view 10 unit )
  It is the traditional method to prepare raw herbs before use. Total of 95 general processings and 502 herbs are listed.
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