* It was realized that for the current scientists of the West to get access to the formula information of Oriental traditional medicine do lie the cultural difficulties in comprehending a considerable amount of the classical medical literature, while for the scientists of Korea, China, and Japan to express the information on Oriental traditional medicine in English on the basis of each country's pronunciation do also exist the difficulties in sending the meaning of the formula, much more in technically getting access to the information.  
  * To solve this problem, 11,810 kinds of formula information on Oriental traditional medicine so far constructed, were analyzed and it was afterwards shown that there was some regularity in naming each formula: the name of formula was simply composed of a few categories, in which there were commonly arranged "King Herb(s) in Latin - Target Organ(s) - Efficacy - Dosage Form (Number of Herbs)".  
  * It was, therefore, understood that coding each information in English could possibly simplify the name of formula, leading to the construction of the significant information on formula name, which could increase the possibility of the Western scientists' access to the information regardless of their own language or culture.  
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