* TradiMed provides the chemical data structures of Contiuents, in the MOL format of MDL Information System. It costs 3,500 units to download for its versatility.  
  * Since the data structure is in text, it is easy to be manipulated for each atom's coordinations, weights, or other properties, and portable throughout IBM PC compatible, Macintosh, and UNIX(LINUX) systems.  
  * MDL ISIS Draw application, that opens up MDL Mol files, can be freely downloaded at http://www.mdli.com/.  
  * In addition, MDL Mol files can be easily imported to ChemDraw or PSI applications for STN or Merck Index for structural search.  
  * This portability gives the ability to the user for various presentations of it: 2D or 3D graphics.  
  * Manipulations on MDL Mol files realize its feasibility in 3D conversion to be viewd with RASMol Viewer or CambridgeSoft's Chem3D, and to be exported as normal graphic formats.  
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